At Professional Machine we continue to reinvest our resources to assure that our manufacturing processes are state of the art ensuring you that each component is built with care and precision.

By using CNC machining which is driven from the CAD data we minimize errors that were created in the old days by programmers redrawing the parts each time they were machined at their stations.

Today all operations run from the same CAD geometry.

An NT Network connects all CNC and CAD stations. All wire and CNC milling is post  processed to the respective piece of equipment by hard wire. All stations are also capableManufacturing of direct NC.

  • We keep our processes up to date.
  • We reduce human error by running from CAD geometry.
  • Our Programmers are trained in 2d and 3d Milling and Wire four Axis.
  • We route each block through the shop to reduce lead-time.
  • We try out your die and inspect your parts to ensure capability.
  • This means your die is on time and ready to run production.

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